What is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG, also known as sodium glutamate) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids. Monosodium glutamate is found naturally in tomatoes, cheese and other foods.

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How did men find MSG?

Human beings have known the use of flavoring since ancient times. For more than two thousand years, the Chinese and Japanese have brought large seaweed in the sea to flavored soup. Later, in 1908, Professor Kikunae Ikeda of the University of Tokyo was able to isolate the flavoring agent from the seaweed (Laminaria Japonica) and It was found that Glutamate is a seasoning agent that makes delicious food.

What is Glutamate found in?

Glutamate is a natural ingredient. It can be found in almost all foods such as meat, fish, milk, mother's milk, vegetables, peas, cheese, tomatoes, and so on and found in the brain muscles including other organs and tissues.

In nature, there are two types of glutamate.

  1. Bound Form. Connected to other amino acids is protein.
  2. Free Form is take part in the role of making delicious food.

How does MSG produce?

  1. Chemical synthesis.
  2. Hydrolysis Method, extracted from natural protein sources such as Wheat Gluten or Soybean Meal, those have Glutamic Acid in the form of Glutamine (monoamines of Glutamic Acid)
  3. Fermentation Method, fermentation of sugar obtained from hydrolysis of tapioca  starch or fermentation of sugar (Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose) contained in molasses (Cane Molasses, Beet Molasses) using some microorganisms as synthetizer.

Referenced by the article "Some Knowledge about Cooking Substance and MSG" by Dr.Pakdee Poolsiri, Health and Environment Booklet and MSG Producer's Club. Translated and compiled from the Glutamate Information Center (GIC)

What are the benefits of MSG?

  1. Increases appetite for the elderly.
    Many older people start eating less delicious. Because the taste buds are starting to taste less flavorful than the young ones. So many older people start to have anorexia and get lean gradually. The solution is to just add a little MSG into the diet. It will make the elderly taste more delicious food.
  2. Help the stomach and the salivary glands function better.
    In patients with stomach atrophy or salivary glands do not work well. May cause dry saliva and anorexia, adding flavor by passing MSG into the food. It stimulates the appetite to eat more.
  3. Reduce sodium in food.
    In people who addict to salty taste. Cook with fish sauce or a lot of salt to get the taste you want if you switch to less salt by replace with the MSG. The research found that the taste is equally delicious. So putting MSG into the food a little. It will help us put less salt by the taste of food does not change.


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